Cyril får 3 miljoner dollar från Västafrika

Kontros chefredaktör Cyril Hellman fick ett mail från Västafrika från en syster Jenny Kossa som ber honom hjälpa henne att fördela 3 miljoner dollar till fattiga i Sverige. Det blir en korrespondens full av humor och missförstånd. Men allteftersom Cyril redogör för situationen för fattiga, utsatta och underpriviligerade i Sverige får konversationen också ett stort allvar.

Från: Jenny Kossa (
Skickat: den 9 november 2015 10:55:51

Hello My Dear,

My name is Mrs. Jenny Kossa the wife of late Moses Kossa from the USA but me and my late husband lived all our lives in west Africa and we have no child but my husband was very rich. Right now I am suffering from breast cancer and my doctor said I have little time to live so I am donating all my wealth to the orphans.

I have Three Million Dollars in my late husband account in one of the banks in Togo and I want to donate the $3,000,000.00 to the poor and less privilege in your country so I want you to represent me to help the poor in your place.

Please I want you to reply me back and I will give you more details on how we will proceed to get the money transferred to your account.

Mrs. Jenny Kossa.


Subject: Re: ^^^,
Date: Mon, 9 Nov 2015 15:15:30 +0100

Dear Jenny,

Thank you for contacting me. You are right, many people in my country Sweden are poor and underprivileged. Approximately 12 per cent of all Swedish children live under what we consider existence minimum and much more people than that are poor. For instance we have many homeless people living in the streets, struggling immigrants and huge unemployment. Thank you for your offer to donate 3 million dollars to poor Swedes. But I don’t know. I’ve heard there are a lot of poor people, children and orphans in West Africa too? Maybe it’s better to donate them to those people in West Africa?

Yours sincerely

Cyril Hellman


Från: Jenny Kossa (
Skickat: den 10 november 2015 10:17:13
Till: Cyril Hellman (

Thanks for your response to my mail and I am so glad that you willingly responded to my mail and I will start by thanking the Almighty God for sending you to me for this Glorious assignment which I have decided to offer for the people of God and those of less privileged and from the sound of your mail I am %100 sure that I will never regret contacting you with this project and I want you to take care of poor widows and train poor children in schools and feed the hungry and give shelter to the homeless ones as soon as the money is sent to your account.

I want you to understand the fact that I am right here in my sick bed and the doctors has declared me unfit and that means that I am not able to move here and there rather I have been in my dying sick bed for a while now and when I discovered that I may not live much longer as my doctors said I decided to offer up all that I had and like I said in my previous mail that I and my late husband were so rich before his sudden death after which I inherited all our wealth and during the days of our marriage life we could not bear any kid so I was left alone without a comforter but God and His Angel has always been there for me till date and I want to assure you that everything genuine and risk free.

So as I speak now for the fear of death I have already giving out all that I have except this three million dollars that is left in my late husband account which I have decided to send to you and I understand the situation of some people in your area so considering this I made up my mind to search for a trusted person who could handle this and during my research I came across your mail and am glad you responded. Now I want to assure you that the money will be transfer to you by bank to bank wire transfer as I have already discuss with the bank
here and they have giving me enough confidence and hope that it will be %100 possible so I want you to feel free and send me all the details as I will request below which I will use to introduce you to the bank.

Full Names:
Complete Address:
ID card or passport copy:
Age and occupation
telephone numbers
Marital status:

As soon as you send this details above I will send you my Will and inform the bank about you and then send you the bank contact so that you can contact them and discuss the transfer proceedings and you must write a letter of promise that you will do only as i will instruct you with the money which I shall let you know as soon as you confirm your willingness in your next mail and i also want you to inform me what and what you can do with the money after its transferred to you

Thanks and God bless you
Mrs. Jenny Kossa

2015-11-11 13:11 GMT+01:00 Cyril Hellman <>:

Dear Jenny,

Thanks for your prompt reply. I am sorry to here that you are sick and can’t move out of bed. I am not feeling too well myself, girlfriend left me and it’s getting darker here in Sweden and colder. I am a little bit depressed but I have been thinking of your offer and that’s makes me happier. Because yes I would really like to help the poor people of Sweden. So we know how to help out I would like to explain the situation.

Our previous government Conservative Alliansen sold out the welfare state during their seven years in power. Only Chile, with a new liberal tradition based on economist Milton Friedman, have our school system which now is the worst in Europé. Alliansen cut down on socialbidrag and a-kassa for unemployed and created rut- and rotavdrag so now instead the rich can get welfare and contribution from the government to build and clean their houses and get people helping their kids with homework and babysitting. You can basically say they took money from the poor to give to rich and privileged.

In Sweden we have a neofascist party Sverigedemokraterna, our third largest party with 13 percent of the voters and probably soon over 20 percent in the next election. They want to give no help at all to immigrants. Recentley their supporters also started to burn the places where the immigrants suppose to stay so as you understand the refugees are very afraid, many of them are lonely children. The supporters of Sverigedmokraterna even send threats to and writes lies about journalist, I am one of them. Don’t belive what they write about me on Avpixlat, its all lies. They don’t like me because I write shit about their leader Jimmie Åkesson. But they don’t scare me.

How do you want to share your 3 million dollar? My suggestion is to poor under existence minimum, safe places for immigrants and also money for camps for Romainians because just as In Paris ten years ago the other day in Malmö the authority teared down one of their camps.

I am glad you believe in God. I share Christian values. Some of my best friends as rapper Sebbe Staxx and author Stig Larsson are true believers and wants to take me to church. Which church do you belong to?

Glad you choose me for this operation and I am looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Your friend,

Cyril Hellman

Skickat från min iPhone

Från: Jenny Kossa (
Skickat: den 11 november 2015 15:18:57
Till: Cyril Hellman (

Dear Mr. Cyril Hellman ,

I want this money to be use as i will now instruct you, 40% of this money will be for charity and poor people around the community, 40% will be for building of house of worship for God name to be glorify and the remaining 20% will be for you, for your kind effort input towards the transfer of this money and towards this project.

My dear I want you to understand that I wont be happy when people around me are not happy, for what it profit me if i die and keep this money in the bank, i decided to give out this money with hope that I should have my reward in heaven.
I belong to Beleivers Church Of Christ, please opon your response to this email let have your details as requested in my previous email so that I will use it to intruduce you to my bank.

God’s Blessings
Sister Jenny Kossa


Från: ”Cyril Hellman” <>
Datum: 11 nov 2015 20:28
Ämne: RE: Thanks and God bless you
Till: ”Jenny Kossa” <>

Dear Sister Jenny,

I am very flattered that you want me Cyril Hellman to give out 3 million dollar to poor Swedish people. But I have been thinking again. That’s my problem, I think too much. My companies are not use to handle so much money as 3 million dollar. I have no experience working with amounts like that. I am just a writer and at the moment I have very much to do. For instance, last month I released the book Rapport från Fronten mot IS, this upcoming spring I will release my first graphic novel För evigt trogen illustrated by world famous cartoonist Peter Breiting. Next fall Sebbe Staksets (who I told you about earlier) companion Kinesen from the hip hop group Kartellen and I will release a true crime fiction called Spelet är spelet besides of that I editing two documentaries, one abourt Swedish bad ass actor Thorsten Flinck and one about my time in Iraq and Syria with Western Voluntees fighting against ISIS. Moore than that I am also working on several movie scripts and first of all I am the editor in chief for Swedish web channel I really don’t think I have the time to arrange how to give out 3 million dollar to poor Swedes.

Also I must ask you. I guess you probably heard rumour of me as an honorable man, so therefor I understand you contacted me for taking care of poor Swedish people. But I have seen from close distance how money can corrupt people. If they suddenley get so much money as you offer, they go down to Stureplan and order champange and bottles of vodka, snort peruvian cocaine – some even smokes it in so called colajointar, they by drinks to golddigger babes with big breasts just to try get them into bed. Of course I would never ever do such things but you must be aware especially men with money and power can act like this so you must be careful with who you shall let handle this money. You say 40 per cent shall go to building a church. There again, I have no experience what so ever of building churches. I am not even baptized. That’s why rapper Sebbe Stakset and author Stig Larsson tries to take me go to the church in the first place, to get rid of my sins. They say I am still alive because Jesus cares for the sinners. I am very thankful to Jesus for that. And my share of 20 percent I don’t want. That’s 600 000 dollar and it’s more than I need to get by. But what do you think of giving that amount to Swedish soccer team AIK’s youth academy team? I don’t say this because I am a supporter of the team myself. It’s because they pick up lot’s of talents in the surburbs of Stockholm who lives under poor conditions in housing projects so called Miljonprogram and even bring in lot’s of young players fron your area West Africa. This is why AIK is a good choice because in Sweden just as in Paris we have over the years experienced big riots, young guys burning cars and crash windows because they are alienated, poor and frustrated and as you mentioned in your first mail unprivilieged. So yes, AIK is whom you shall give my share, the only thing I want is that you ask their boss Johan Segui to reserve two seats for me and my son Ziggy in the VIP-area section for the next full season. So instead of giving you my account I give you the accounts to the oganizations in Sweden that I consider are the best to do your money right.

Stadsmission account: PG 900351-8 (helping homeless people)

Rädda Barnen: PG 900124-9 (helping children in need)

Svenska Kyrkan: PG 900256-9 (Swedish Church)

AIK Fotboll: PG 38 80 29-1 (AIKs youth academy team)

God bless you!

Yours faithfully,
Cyril Hellman

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