Two days ago the little boy Alan was buried in Kobane

The photograhy of th kurdish boy Alan lying on the shore, has become world famuos. Alan and his brother fled with their parents from Kobane when ISIS came in here for about a year ago. They were poor, the father was a hairdresser. All they wanted to do was to save their children. They first moved to Istanbul, and then after a year they decided to try to get to Germany or maybe to Canada. But on the boat something happened, an accident. The mother tried to jump after the children and died as well. The father was injured but is now better. We buried the bodies here in Kobane today, both the children and the mother. We are very sad. Many people in Kobane are also very angry about the situation; that the world and its’ leaders doesn´t help Kobane. It has been a long time now and we are blocked from Daesh on one side and from Turkey on the other side. We are fighting, not only against Daesh, we are also fighting for everyday survival; to get food, gas, diesel and the basic needs for children like milk and yogurth…everything. We also have an education system here and we are really trying to give the children education. But we are fighting on all fronts and sometimes people leave to try to give their children a better life, it’s not easy to stay in Kobane.
Everyone are talking about peace and good things but no one is helping the people of Kobane. Nothing. Not even when they flee to get a better life they help them. In Turkey life is hard for a refugee.
The people here are angry about why the world leaders don’t see our suffering, our blood, why they don’t see our needs. Two months ago there was a massacre here, 251 civilians dead in only two hours, and I was in the middle of all that. No one came here, almost no journalist came here to report about it, even though Daesh killed 251 persons and about 60 of them were children. But apperently the journalists didn’t think it was so interesting…
I have been here for quite some time now. I’m working as a volonteer here, I’m a physioterapeut, I work in the hospital. I see everything and I never seen any help from the international leaders, what are they doing? And they know what kind of animals Daesh is, what kind of terrorist, rapist, drug dealers, pedophiles and necrofiles that ISIS is! All of this is true, we have witnessed it all! They are raping children as young as five years old. Why don’t the world do anything?! But, we are fighting and we are never going to give up, and we are not afraid of them. We will die to defend our children. We are not doing this only for the Kurds, we are doing this for every human being, because this is about humanity. And some day they will knock on your door! Two children and their mother died in the sea seeking a better life. People have died in thosusands here, we are fighting every day. Our men and women is fighting for the world.

The funeral site in Kobane is well used…

Dorpec Kobane

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Video filmed by Dorpec Kobane earlier this year.

Video from the celebration of international womens day in Kobane

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