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Dorpec Kobane bloggs from Kobane:

We have a lot to do here at the rehabilitation centre and at the hospital. We are having problems with mines, and at times with small infiltrations where they try to sneak into our frontline with car bombs or other types of bombs. About ten days ago they tried setting off a car bomb and two suicied bombers. The bomb went off, but it didn’t cause us any injuries or casualties becuse our people took them out before they reached their target. At the frontline the snipers cause some harm. Still, it’s not as bad as it used be before when we had martures everyday. Yet it still happens evey now and then; a couple of days ago a woman martured in Tel Abyad and yesterday in the same village there was an attack with a car passing by with men shooting from the car. We are not only struggeling with those kind of attacks, on the other side, towards the Mediterranean sea, they are fireing rockets against us, which we off course respond to. At Raqqua front we are in total control, but since Daesh always leaves mines and different types of bombs behind before they flee or die, both soldiers and civilians are injured or die in those explosions. To desarm mines you need proffesional equipment and altough we have our troops that desarms mines, it’s not enough.


Kvinna sörjer martyr

Kvinna sörjer martyr

So this situation leaves a lof for us to do both at the hospital and the rehabilitation center that I run.

At the hospital they conduct emergency operations, and sometimes we can send patients to the canton next to us, and as a last resort, when it’s really serious we can take patients into Turkey. We try to avoid that, but do if necessary off course. The real challenge is to get the patients to the hospital fast enough without them loosing too much blood.

We would need specialized surgeons, for example blood vessel experts, plastic surgoens and so on, since we are facing a wide range of very difficult injuries. For example we have patients with bullets still left in their heads and if the bullet would move they could die. Others have thousands of small pieces of shiver in their bodies from cluster bombs and when they move it feels like razors in their bodies even though the fragments are so small. So we need a lot of help, and out in the villages there is a total lack of everything.
With mines and bombs the risk is that you need to amputate arms and legs. My rehabilitation centre is always full and the number of patients is steadily increasing since rehabilitation is an ongoing process for several months. Right now we have about 100-130 patients a day. We recently expanded the clinic so now we can tend to 30 persons in about one and a half to two hours. We are ten in the staff, I’m the only physiotherapist and the rest are assistants. We used to have a doctor here to take care of the medications, injections, pain relief, bandaging…We have a lot to tend to, to put it simple.


Kvinna tränar

Kvinna tränar

The variety of things we do is huge, some people for example, loose their abilty to speak because of their injuries and we give them special training programs to help them speak again.
We need equipment for our work. We were expecting a lorry with equipment from Holland, but the Turkish military stopped it and now we don’t know where it is.When they know that we really need something they don’t let it through. Still we get enough of things across the boarder so we don’t starve.

Despite of everything I find the moral very high. People are motivated and my patients want to get back to their comrades at the front and continue our struggle.

What’s happening in Turkey now is very severe, but the developement is not unexpected, it has been a strategy for many years. Now people are getting tierd of it though. Turkey is not only bombing us, they are also bombing Kurdish burial sites in Turkey, and I mean: why do you do something like that?

They are killing civilians without apparent reason and people have to defend themselves off course. Kurdish leaders have warned people of this for a long time. Apart from the bombings, there are also mobs who commit attacks against Kurds in cities like Ankara, Istanbul and so on. Racist attacks. There was that bomb in Suruc with a lot of dead and wounded, before that Amed and now Ankara were the police attacked people when they were trying to help the victims, I mean – what kind of government does that? What kind of brotherhood is that?
Now the Kurds have declared a truce until the elecction. But the Kurdish people will not accept a made up elecction based on cheating with votes and violence. Now it is up to the Turkish government, but anything can happen. We are dealing with a guy, Tayyep Erdogan, who only thinks about his own followers, it’s like “Either you do as I say, or you are an enemy”. Like a real dictator. So the situation is very unstable and explosive.
All we want is to live in peace and that our rights is respected.

My spirit is quite strong, but off course I feel the pressure from all that there is to do, it’s heavy, but I do what I can. It would be nice with some help from the rest of the world, people has to see this. I have started a Facebook page for the rehabilitation centre so that people can follow our work and see how we work, you can see it HERE.


Dorpec med kollegor och patient.


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Video av Dorpec Kobane.

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