Blog from Kobane: Unite against the terror!

Things are going quite well, we are in total control here in the city and also in the areas around Kobane. The work with rebuilding Kobane is going on, we are rebuilding houses and are trying to restore the infrastructure with roads etc but we lack a lot of equipement, and yet we are progressing bit by bit. The Kanton (provincial government) is also working to improve the protection of the people, one of the means to do that is to educate civilians, both men and women to serve as peoples’ protection units to defend the city, alongside the police and regular forces.
Two days ago Daesh sent a Katyusha Rocket (Soviet rocket artillery system) from Jalabus and the rocket hit a building where a fourtheen year old girl died together with her father. The mother survived but was severly injured. Things are always happening here in our surroundings, it is still a war area, so we are not sleeping, we have our eyes open. The YPG does everything to make the area secure and to clean away Daesh from here, right now it is no Daesh behind our front, but on the other side they are very near at some places; only 500 meters away. Then we have the big problems with the terrible mines. It is not easy, and we need help cleaning the mines away. About two months ago, a couple of children were playig in a house when a bomb exploded, both of them diead and another two or three children got severly injured, so even if we have driven Daesh out of the city, there are still a lot of bombs and houses that are insecure. We need help, at the rehebilitation centre that I run we need doctors, surgeons etc. And over all we need all kind of volunteers that could come here to help us. It is hard to get goods in sometimes, as I wrote last time, we expected a truck with medicines and equipment from the Neatherlands that the Turkish government sieged and gave away to Erdogans organisation.

Dorpec with child

Dorpec with a child during opening of new healthcare centre

When the terrible attack happened in Paris the people here in Kobane reacted with disgust for Daesh and we really feel with the people of Paris. It was a crazy attack and there you saw for yourselves what Daesh are capable to do when they go into action, they kill civilians without hesitating, and even aim at killing as many civilians as they can. This is only the begining, Daesh is a global problem. Our hearts are really with the people of France becuase we know the horrors of Daesh better than anyone in the world. We hope that people also can realise what people down here are going through, it was only four months ago when 251 people lost their lives and more then 300 got injured in the terrible bombing in Suruc. Unfortunately media did not write about it as much as they should have done, because it is the same war. It is Daesh against civilians and freedom and we are here fighting against them. The thing that they do are simply not ok. They do not represent islam, they represent terror. We should stand united against them. The Daesh terrorists exist in Germany, Spain, Sweden and I have seen Daesh terrorist from all those countries fighting down here. I cannot understand how the governments can accepts that and why they do not do more abut it – we need to stop them together! We have been the frontline for quite some time now and no government have officialy helped us. And if we do not unite now what happened in Paris will happen again. If you are not like them, they kill you. I am against killing, but this has to be stopped. Now.


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Video by Dorpec Kobane

Interview by Dorpec Kobane

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