The winter has come to Kobane and the kurds are getting closer to Raqqa

As last time, I am here at the Rehabilitation Centre, working with injured boys and girls that have been fighting Daesh. We are making progress at the Centre but we still lack equipement, most of what we have got is broken and old.

On the frontline against Daesh our men and women in Ypg/Ypj is colaborating with others that want to free people from Daesh, and they freed more than 100 villages, eliminated over 260 Daesh members and took a big dam. Now we are only about 12 kilometers away from Raqqa (the “capital” of Daesh). The area that our forces freed these last days is really big and it looks like Raqqa is going to go down soon because we are moving foreward very quickly.
As always, we have problems with mines and booby traps and we have some casualties and injured women and men. The
last few days Daesh members were trying to attack us in two places with suicide bombers. and we got one marture and two injured. They also tried to infiltrate our forces in Ain Issa, (close to Raqqa) a few days ago, it was a big group, we had some casualties but everyone of the Daesh members got killed, they were around 20 and we took a lot of weapons from them. This enemy tries to hurt people in every possible way they can.
But the most important thing is that our forces is progresing towards Raqqa.

Kurdiska styrkor firar framgångar vid fronten.

Kurdiska styrkor firar framgångar vid fronten.

In Kobane it is quite calm and nothing is happening right now, but we have a high security alert to keep people safe, even though the action is at the frontline.
Now that the cold has come, it gets very cold; several degrees below 0 and the first snow has fallen. Still the moral is very high among the people. We are very organised and we have thousands of soldiers in the front fighting Daesh. but we do not know what is going to happen next, but it looks like it is going to be a very long war.
We are really struggeling with the cold because we lack electricity and many people do not have clothes to keep them warm. And maybe 80% of everyone has the flu and we do not have enough medicine. A big problem, that I wrote aboute earlier, is that the Turkish govrernment do not let things into Kobane, but when night comes they alow Daesh members to pass the border into Rojava (Kurdish parts of Syria). I do not understand what they (the Turkish government) are trying to do, but what they are doing to people within their own borders is really bad. I do not understand why but the Turkish forces are attacking civilians in the cities in Turkey, and that is not ok. It looks like they are trying to provoke a big war for some reason. And that can trigger a bigger war in the middle east. The situation in Turkey is very unstable. When you talk to Kurdish people from Bakur (areas in Turkey with mainly a Kurdish population) they are always telling you that they want peace.
Unfortunately, I believe that in the coming months, we are going to see an increasing unrest and a bigger war. A lot of people are going to die, but I really hope it won’t come to that.

snögubbe 3

Snön och kylan har kommit till Kobane

Our goal for this new year here in Kobani Canton is that people can lead a better life, a normal life, to live in peace and that the boys and girls can go to school and get an education. Basically; to create a better society. We keep on working to rebuild the new Kobane. Last month the Turkish governement stopped our delivery of concrete so the building had to stop, but know we managed to get it in through our neighbouring canton so the construction could start again. We also repair the schools. So the hard work cotinues, on two fronts.

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Video by Dorpec Kobane

Video by Dorpec Kobane

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