Blog from Rojava, Syria : no truce in Tell Abyad

A couple of days ago, Friday 26th at midnight, the truce here in Syria was about to begin. But just about then Daesh fighters attacked the town, they came both from within the town and from the Turkish border. Tell Abyad, just like Kobane is located on the Turkish border, but east from Kobane and straight north from the so called capital of Daesh, Raqqah.
Tell Abyad was liberated from Daesh by the YPG in June last year but obviously
there were still supporters inside the city. Anyway, just around midnight about 75-100 Daesh men attacked. Because of the infiltrators within they managed to
siege locations of strategic importance such as the power plant and other high buildings that are idealic to place snipers.
We later heard that Daesh had taken a village with mostly Turkmen population between Serekaniye and Tell Abyad. There they had killed women and children. According to reports women had been brutaly slaughtered in the streets. Why they attacked like that we don´t know but probably it was because the villagers didn´t want to cooperate with them.
The attack in Tell Abyad was mostly directed at security and military personel, but the attack was fierce with people blowing themselves up screaming things like “Takbir”, it was really chaotic. They also managed to take the border station.
One of them tried to run and throw himself under one of our tanks but was shoot before he made it. Altough the attack was a complete suprise our defence reacted rapidly and handled it well. I and others had to go from Kobane Canton to help out and we also got help from US planes.
Eventually we now have managed to take back the border station and the YPG/YPJ have been working to secure house by house, but it is a hard job because you never know in which house you may find Daesh or booby traps. Now we are in total control of the area, yesterday night the last three Daesh were found hiding in a basement. In total 292 Daesh terrorists were killed and 46 of our soldiers have become martures.
The attackers comming from the Turkish border looked like typical Daesh but the ones who were inside looked a little bit more normal.
Normaly not even a fly can cross the border from Turkey, so one wonders how suddenly about hundred armed Deash terrorists can come from there …

So the war is going on, but we will never give up, whatever happens.

Några kvinnor i YPJ pustar ut efter strider mot Daesh

Några kvinnor i YPJ pustar ut efter strider mot Daesh

Dorpec Kobane is a Swedish-Kurdish man who is running the rehabilitation centre for wounded in Kobane. Read more posts from Dorpec Kobanes blogg HERE

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