Minbic surrounded: Dorpec Kobane’s blog from the war against Daesh

Right now there is heavy fighting in Rojava. The situation now in Rojava and Kobanî cantons is that our warriors go forward Minbic. The city is totally surrounded and the surrounding suburbs are taken, our warriors in YPG, YPJ and even QSD is inside the city, and they approach the center. It’s a big city and Daesh have put out mines and traps, so you have to be careful. It takes time to clear mines and  because of the mines, we have got some injured soldiers. Just around the depots with wheatr that our people cleaned they found around 600 mines on both the inside and the outside. This meant that people from our side were martyred but until today there has been killed more than 1,500 Daesh. Our kommendandt Ebe Leyla was martyred but his last wish was to take over Minbic and we are close to doing that now.


Our freedom fighters also goes against Afrin as the distance between Kobanî cantons and Afrin canton is small, about 40 km, there is the city of Bab inbetween. The people who live in Bab have received information from our freedom fighters to attack them Bab, the idea is that the cantons should be united. The attacks on the Bab will go from both Afrins side and Kobanes side. The situation is quite severe, Daesh fights but every day we go forward. We are making progress. But the mines are everywhere, next to all the houses and streets. If you touch a chair, you have to be careful because you can blow up, likewise, when you open and close a door, when you lift a sack or stepping on a stone, when you open a window, when you lift a pillow. It does not matter what you pick, or sitting on, you can blow up at any time. One must be careful. We have men with amputated legs and arms, and some have become martyrs but the main thing is that we are strong and many. Now, the city is surrounded and it’s not far before Minbic fall. It does not matter how long it takes, it’s over for Daesh in this area. They are frustrated and tries to attack from the inside to ease the pressure and perhaps open a way so that they can run out. They are trying desperately but can not do it, as soon as they try they became eliminated by our warriors. The people are with us and young guys come in and sign up to do their military service. Many have started their military training, YPG and YPJ was even forced to stop training for now it is very many warriors and they want to wait for the next step. But this symbolizes the important thing, the people are with us and want to defend their area and take over and unite the two cantons. When eventually the whole Kobanes and Afrins cantons are united there will be just one Kurdish border against the Turkish state. Daily it is mainly from the Turkish border towns, as Cara blouse (the town closest to Kobanî the Euphrates River) and Azaz, Daesh memebers the Turkish state lets in. These are mainly from Chechnya, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan and Turkish ultra-nationalists.


Recently we learned that the past two weeks have more than 2000 foreign paramilitary daesh soldiers infiltrated by the the turkish state. They will help Daesh with heavy weapons. They have been helped by the Turkish military. There is evidence from Russian satellites that have infiltrated the Turkish border with help from the Turkish military. This thing happens daily but our freedom fighters of YPG, YPJ and QSD are prepared. We now also have heavier weapon and air support so they will not have any chance to break into. Our freedom fighters go step by step forward. But of course there will be injured and martyrs. It is a war, and obviously the enemy to survive wants to survive. But the main thing is that we go forward and Minbic be freed and eventually Bab and all the cantons united. The people are in the war, some help to cook, others help with the ambulance or the police in the city. There is huge panic among the remaning Daesh and some tries to shave their beard to look like normal citizens to escape. There is a line of defense with the help of the people and most young people who are 18 years and above have received weapons and training and they are in every street corner and they have organized checkpoints so you can see who is coming in and out of the city. No one comes in without the stamp of the YPG and nobody goes out without permission. Asayis (police force) and YPG/YPJ have control over who is in the city.

Dorpec Kobane

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