Dorpec Kobane’s report from Minbic

The war in Minbic is ongoing. It takes place in the center of town. There are many mines and traps, whatever you raise can explode. The fighting has become more intense because they are concentrated to the central city and in some suburbs. The warriors of the YPG, YPJ and QSD have cut a line between the suburbs and the city and are divided into two groups. Frustration is high among Daesh terrorists, they are trying feverishly to get out. They try to escape as civilians and civilians have been arrested a few that have shaved off their beards and had their razors in their pockets. There are still many Daesh in the center of town using civilians as a shield. This so YPG, YPJ and QSD should not send in more bombs. But our warriors are carefully and go through house by house. Because they have many civilians, children and women, as shields it may take some time to conquer the center of town. Every day, every hour, many civilians tries to escape from Daesh and if Daesh see them they shoot them. They have also put out mines outside people’s houses. Recently four people in a family were injured by mines when they tried to escape. But they were rescued by us and got medical care. Several families have been injured, Daesh shoot even if women and children. Something that’s fun to see is how the women are reaching us throw their black shawls. They feel free and happy and laughing and hugging our soldiers. Then you see that they feel safe and feel a little bit better. YPG/YPJ/QSD take them directly to safer places. Men as women from Kobane help us with the logistics like food and medical care.


YPG/YPJ/QSD have air support and has strengthened military number of YPG, QSD and YPJ not only in Kobane, but in all cities in Rojava. Many people from 18 years to 40 years enrolling for being in the military. Many volunteers want to help to drive cars, cooking – all things we are in need of in the villages and towns. Daesh tries to ease the pressure in frustration to attack other cities and front lines. But what they do not know is that we are reinforced at all front lines so they have no chance. They have tried to attack the Ain al Isa, Shedade and Gre Spi (Til Ebyad) and several villages close to their line and the Turkish border. They try in their attacks to surprise but it´s them that are surprised and quickly eliminated. Just two days ago, they tried to attack our fighters and some of our got injured but all Daesh were eliminated or arrested. The area was secured. In another location, they tried with heavy artillery but over 100 of them were killed. They also tries with car bombs but they do not reach their goals, our warriors shoot them from far distance. And they are trying with suicide bombers and sneak in behind our lines, but most are eliminated before they reach their targets.


The important thing is that all our fighters have high morale and are on their guard. They walk cautiously, make sure civilians will not be injured or get captured by Daesh. Our soldiers do not back down and have overcome their fear. The only thing they have in their heads is that Ebe Leylas and the people’s wish come true to not only take over Minbic bur unite all three cantons and make a Kurdish border from Iraq almost all the way to the Mediterranean.

Dorpec Kobane

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Clip done by Dorpec Kobane with female fighter in Kobane

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