Report from Qamishli by Dorpec Kobane

With the bombing in central Qamishli last week was the target were civilians. A little over 50 people were martyred, among them were very many children, families and women. Another nearly 200 people are injured so the death number may rise. I talked to a man who lost all his family, children, wife, brother, sister. He was all alone.


Whole families have been wiped out. It hurts to see. It is important that the international community sees this and act. The bombing was unexpected and soon Daesh announced they were the guilty, but there are even suspicions of others, it is not easy to get into such a big bomb in Qamishli. With such a load, you can not get close to a military facility and that was not the case because the target were civilians. The grief is big among the people.


This is the same kind of terrorism that happened in France, Belgium and Germany. It will continue if we do not unite the community, collaborating and fighting against terrorists as Daesh. In Qamishli was announced by YPJ, YPG and QSD three days of mourning. Because so many children died and there is great destruction in the city, it is still sadness. People are worried, but at the same time stronger and more determined to fight against the terrorists.


Intelligence service within YPJ, YPG and QSD investigating who is behind the bomb attack and there are even suspicions against the Turkish state. But it is not certain since Daesh took the blame. Many young people want to help the fight against the terrorists. The lack of medicine is quite large. Border with Iraqi Kurdistan is open but unfortunately not much medicine coming in. The relatives of the martyrs who died and lives in Basur in Iraqi Kurdistan wanted to come to the funeral, but was not admitted by the Kurdistan government.


The lack of any kind of medicines and medical equipment is big because of the blockade. We also need international help with doctors and specialists as brain surgeons, pathologists and surgeons. But right now, the situation is under control. At the same time it is also a short of food and needs for children such as milk, yogurt and diapers. But the big group of YPJ, YPG and QSD rescued from Minbic helps out. Most important is safety at a high level in all cities.

The war front in Minbic making progress and YPJ, YPG and QSD have conquered three, four new areas. There are no roads that Daesh can escape but they try to shave off beards and dress up as women to mingle with civilians. Most are arrested. The war is still going on and we have injured people who stepped on mines. Shortly YPJ, YPG and QSD will announce that Minbic is conquered but it takes some time because there are mines and Daesh use many civilians as shields. Therefore YPJ, YPG and QSD goes carefully. In just two days there have been 4800 saved people. The war takes place in a large area and Daesh attacks in different locations to weaken the attack. But wherever they attack they get eliminated. YPJ, YPG and QSD is determined that Daesh will be removed from the Kurdish area. In Qamishli the situation is calm but people are in grieve. YPJ, YPG and QSD have full control of the city and Rojava.

Dorpec Kobane

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